Leisureplanet.com strengthens technology foundations through alliance with IBM

leisureplanet.com, a leading international leisure travel e-commerce company that is majority owned by Leisureplanet Holdings (Nasdaq:LPHL), today announced an alliance with technology giant IBM. The alliance includes:

1. The delivery of a new website based on IBM’s Websphere e-commerce platform.
2. The hosting and management of leisureplanet.com’s European sites at a specialised IBM facility in the United Kingdom.

The project will bring leisureplanet.com’s customers the following benefits:

Increased performance when accessing and browsing the site
A powerful personalised service
Additional travel services
Frequently updated offers and fresh travel writing through the ability to serve dynamic content.

leisureplanet.com’s business strategy will benefit from:


Seamless rapid deployment of additional localised websites across leisureplanet.com’s target markets
Fast integration of additional travel services and products
High availability and security of services
The new website will be developed using IBM’s award winning Websphere Commerce Suite. IBM is leading the project in collaboration with leisureplanet.com’s development team to design and build the new platform. leisureplanet.com has chosen WebSphere as the technology framework for its targeted customer loyalty and relationship marketing programs. leisureplanet.com will use Websphere to offer new advanced e-business functionality to its customers based on the personalisation, merchandising and dynamic content management capabilities of its new platform.

To ensure 24x7x365 availability of its consumer and business to business services, leisureplanet.com’s European websites, to be launched later this year, will be hosted at IBM’s ‘Universal Web Farm’ in the UK. This facility and its specialist staff assure leisureplanet.com of growth in both host space and bandwidth as and when it is required. This provides the operational capability to grow and rollout services and to meet changes in user traffic and demand without increasing the pressure on its own resources.

Speaking of the technology and expertise required to execute on the company’s vision of delivering the ultimate leisure travel experience, leisureplanet.com’s CEO, Pierre Kleinhans, said, “It is our strategy to partner with world leaders in fields crucial to our operations. IBM is just such a partner. This alliance brings leisureplanet.com guaranteed availability and solid foundations for our services. It will also extend our capabilities to provide personalised offers and fresh content to customers throughout our websites. The expertise provided by IBM will enable us to turn our focus from the logistics of technology to providing consumers with the ultimate experience in online leisure travel.”

John Lutz, VP IBM NetGeneration EMEA said: “We are delighted to be working with such a forward looking company as leisureplanet.com. Given the unpredictability of traffic patterns and the high growth potential of their sites, it is critical to have a tried, tested and fully scaleable architecture that keeps running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to our Web hosting services, IBM technology solutions allow customers to deliver entirely new levels of speed and reliability, which are increasingly seen as vital success factors of any e-business”.