Rosenbluth Enhances Global Security Product

In response to growing security concerns and increased demand for its product, Rosenbluth International
has made significant enhancements to a key component of its global security product, TrackPoint. 
The Company began offering the component free of charge to both its existing customer and non-customer base in early December to help corporations ensure their employees` security during business travel. Rosenbluth has seen a strong demand for the product and has implemented over 130 companies to date, including Oracle, Credit Suisse First Boston, United Defense and Woodside Energy.

“We are pleased by the great response to our TrackPoint offering, and we want to make the service as comprehensive and easy to use as possible,” said Hal Rosenbluth
, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International. “In the event of an emergency, TrackPoint enables travel managers to locate their people anywhere on the globe at the push of a button. Our clients, and non-client companies who have taken advantage of our free offer, are grateful for that extra level of security.”

TrackPoint is an easy-to-use, interactive application that allows companies to find their travelers immediately, anywhere in the world. It offers summary information and detailed itineraries of employees on the road, and multiple methods to find and retrieve information - either through a graphic interface or a search method on a user`s desktop.

According to Michelle Lee, global head of the Internal Client Services Group and a managing director at Credit Suisse First Boston, “In the current environment, there is certainly a heightened sensitivity when traveling; It is critical to possess the technological capabilities to immediately locate and identify our employees on a global basis in the event of an emergency situation.” Credit Suisse First Boston recently implemented the TrackPoint solution to monitor and instantly obtain data on the location of travelers.  “The ability to deliver expeditious responses to our traveling employees is a priority for us, and the TrackPoint solution now enables us to enhance controls and security within our global travel program in order to further this commitment,” continued Lee.

TrackPoint enhanced features include:


á    The search capability includes data searching by date, up to seven days into the future, and has been moved to a “pop up” window.

á    User access to detailed traveler data including hotel locations, itineraries and specific contact information on a traveler-by-traveler basis.

á    Enhanced search capability permits user to search by carrier and flight number.

á    Modified opening page provides user-friendly navigation

á    Client detail can be separated by account numbers, enabling regional travel managers to run reports only on those travelers designated to their region through those account numbers.

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