Worldspan and Orbitz Joint Technology Agreement

Worldspan and Orbitz have announced a new long-term technology partnership agreement to support Orbitzå’ business model. Both parties confirmed that Worldspan remains Orbitzå’ preferred technology partner and they have finalized an agreement for Orbitz
to purchase technology services that provide more flexibility and choice to consumers and suppliers.
The backbone of this restructured relationship is Worldspan’s strength in meeting unique e-commerce requirements coupled with its willingness and ability to rapidly innovate to meet the changing marketplace and the needs of its business partners such as Orbitz

Under the revised agreement, Worldspan
, which has been instrumental in changing the industry’s dynamics, will continue to supply Orbitz with a broad range of essential technology services and product enhancements.

“Worldspan remains committed to the efficiency of the industry,” said Paul Blackney
, president and chief executive officer for Worldspan. “Our partnership with Orbitz is based on a strong commitment by both companies to do what it takes to provide valuable innovations to the traveling public. We pride ourselves on our inventive technology, innovative solutions and exceptional customer support, and we look forward to continuing to be Orbitz` technology partner.”

“Worldspan’s reliability and innovation have been a contributing factor to Orbitz’ success,” said Jeff Katz
, Orbitz President and CEO. “We look forward to continuing our successful technology partnership as Orbitz grows its business as a leader in online travel.”

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(25/02/2002) Technology Partnership Strengthened Between Worldspan & Orbitz