Rosenbluth Unveils Web Fares Solution

Rosenbluth International

has introduced a technology-driven solution to the confusion wrought by the rapid rise and increased usage of Internet fares and low-cost carrier bookings amongst the world`s corporate business travelers.
Web Central is specifically tailored to the European, Australian and Canadian business travel markets, and builds off the Company`s groundbreaking Web Central solution it introduced for the US market in 2002. The solution will be officially unveiled at the Business Travel Show

in London on February 4.

Web Central integrates Web fare technology into our current point-of-sale processes and seamlessly provides schedules and fares for low-cost carriers (i.e., EasyJet and Virgin Blue) side-by-side with the GDS options.  By integrating Web fare searches with current reservation processes, our agents can offer all pertinent options at the point-of-sale, saving agent time and reducing client callbacks.

“Web fares are a major cause of concern for travel managers across the globe, and are an increasingly important issue due to the proliferation of low-cost carriers in the European, Australian and Canadian markets,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth


, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International. “This issue had taken hold of the US market, and we moved quickly to address it with Web Central.  We are thrilled to now be able to launch our solution that addresses the needs of the European, Australian and Canadian markets.”

The new version of Web Central will be available in February to clients in Europe and Australia and was implemented earlier this year in Canada. The first phase of the service includes two key functions for a company`s travel manager to assess the value of an Internet-only fare: a point-of-sale tool that seamlessly provides low-cost carrier options and GDS options side-by-side, as well as “one-click” access to the carrier`s website to purchase tickets.  The second phase will allow integration of web reservation information and ticket details with MIS reporting, and is expected to be released later this year.  Both functions are integral to solving the dilemma posed by Web fares, and integrate technologies provided by TRX.

“Rosenbluth`s Web Central Solution is a necessary and useful tool that has and will continue to help demonstrate the realities of internet bookings,” said Chris Rose, Supply Manager Strategic Sourcing & Travel, BOC Group.  “Rosenbluth has listened to the needs of travellers and created an innovative solution for corporations.”

In Europe, Australia and Canada, Web Central searches seven low-cost carrier sites, as well as various multi-carrier sites.  Rosenbluth will continue to negotiate with several local carriers who have shown significant interest in participating in this solution. 

“Web Central will be a great benefit to the growing business travel markets in Europe, Australia and Canada,” said Pieter Rieder, vice president of International Development for Rosenbluth International. “We have seen the success that the product has had in the United States, and fully believe it will have a similar positive impact in these key markets.”

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