Travelocity Introduces New Consumer `Stores`


has announced the debut of stores, one-stop shops offering the best deals and travel information all on one easy-to-read page.

A recent study conducted by Jupiter Research

indicated that 90 percent of shoppers have chosen their destination before they go online when shopping for a vacation. Travelocity`s stores are just the thing for the traveler looking for the best deals in the most popular destinations. Stores give travelers a range of options to fit their needs, everything from exotic cruises and luxury hotels to ski vacations and weekend getaways.

About Travelocity Stores


Travel shoppers can find information and travel deals for destinations or interest-specific travel at the following Travelocity stores:

Ski Travel

Weekend Escapes

Caribbean and Mexico

Las Vegas and Casinos



By design, the stores will vary throughout the year according to the season. Stores are accessible from the Travelocity home page and from the “Guides and Advice” tab. To check out the ski store, for example, click on


To create the ideal trip for travelers, each store combines deals and information including:

The best deals targeted toward travelers` favorite destinations and interests, including deeply discounted Last Minute Deals

Search functionality for hotels, vacation packages, or last-minute travel—all from one page—Unbiased, customer-generated hotel reviews—a unique service only available on Travelocity

Trusted destination information from Frommer`s Guidebooks

Customizable, printable city guides

Feature articles providing an insider`s take on a destination or travel interest

A photo gallery featuring interior and exterior shots of the top hotels

“Travelocity`s stores combine an optimal array of hotels, cruises, vacation packages, and tourist activities along with relevant content and deals that make purchasing decisions so much easier for the customer,” said Michelle Peluso, senior vice president product strategy and distribution for Travelocity. “With everything crisply laid out on a single page, shoppers can view our very best deals for their given destination or interest.”
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