Galileo, Rosenbluth International, United Airlines and US Airways Join Forces to Deliver Momentum

In an important step to gain
momentum on key issues affecting the travel industry today, key industry
leaders, with sometimes different perspectives, have joined forces with
Galileo to launch a new program, in which participants “give a little to gain
something greater.”
Caption: Sam E. Galeotos
, president and CEO of Galileo International and Cendant Travel
Distribution Services

Galileo International

, has linked with Rosenbluth

, United Airlines

and US Airways

to launch Momentum: an
innovative, three-year program that provides exclusive benefits to airlines
and agencies that elect to enroll.  Momentum provides participating airlines a
timely and tangible way to reduce distribution costs by approximately 20
percent while increasing fare distribution, including Web fares.  The addition
of full access to an airline`s publicly available airfares provides a more
level playing field, and participating Galileo travel agencies also gain
access to special commission opportunities through Cendant brands in exchange
for accepting reduced financial incentives.
“Everyone continues to talk about a need for change in travel
distribution, and Momentum provides a compelling solution for participants to
reduce costs, increase sales volume through a high-yield channel, and provide
a committed, three-year platform from which to plan and grow - something even
more valuable in today`s uncertain economic and regulatory environments,” said
Sam E. Galeotos


, president and CEO of Galileo International and Cendant Travel
Distribution Services.

“Rosenbluth International, United Airlines and US Airways have all taken
an important step to revolutionize distribution by working with Galileo to
create a winning solution that benefits travel consumers.  We expect this
program to gain momentum and magnitude as more airlines and travel agencies
enroll, which we expect will happen soon.  With our Momentum program, the real
winners are consumers, who gain broader access to the best fares and other
great travel deals.”
Momentum is now available to participating airlines and all Galileo U.S.
travel agencies, with plans to consider applicability to other regions later
in 2003.  For those electing to participate in Momentum, the elements are
simple, and benefits significant.

“Rosenbluth International is pleased to have worked with Galileo to create
a program that will remove cost from the system, improve process and preserve
the long-term vitality of the industry that will ultimately benefit all
constituents- airlines, GDS providers, corporations and travel management
companies,” said Alex Wasilov

, president and COO, Rosenbluth International.
“Momentum will leverage our competitive edge in the market place and create
better access to fares for our clients.  By offering personal service combined
with low fares, Momentum will help us continue to compete more effectively. We
applaud United and US Airways on their participation and strongly encourage
other carriers to follow-suit.”
Cendant-affiliated travel agencies have also agreed to opt-in to Galileo`s
Momentum program, gaining the benefit of more Web fares and Business Builders
Select inventory.  Rosenbluth and Cendant-affiliated agencies together
represent approximately 25 percent of Galileo`s U.S. booking activity.
The net effect of Galileo`s Momentum program and its 2003 pricing changes
will not impact Cendant`s updated 2003 earnings per share (EPS) estimates,
issued December 17, 2002.


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