Lufthansa launches Broadband Internet on Board

During a three-month trial phase of FlyNet, Lufthansa will be the first airline worldwide to provide powerful, high-speed broadband access during a scheduled flight.
Caption: Scott E. Carson
President - Connexion by Boeing

The technically ambitious project is the result of the collaboration between Lufthansa

and Connexion by Boeing

launched in mid-June 2001. From March, Lufthansa is equipping all its 55 airport lounges worldwide with WLAN Internet access in conjunction with its partner Vodafone D2.
The new service will be available free of charge to all passengers on Lufthansa flights between Frankfurt and Washington until 15 April. The FlyNet portal provides a full range of up-to-date information, including financial, travel and lifestyle news, as well as Miles&More, product and service information from Lufthansa and updates on major news from the world of politics, business, sport and culture.

From mid-2004, use of the FlyNet portal during routine operations will remain free of charge. Later on, Internet access during scheduled operations is expected to cost between 30 and 35 euros per flight leg.
“The very idea of FlyNet was exciting, but what really inspired me was the enthusiasm, the professionalism and the stamina of our team during its implementation. Innovation with the customer in mind has resulted in today`s world premiere,” says Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Deputy Chairman of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.
“The Connexion by Boeing service gives travelers new and unprecedented choices for managing their time in flight and on the ground,” said Connexion by Boeing President Scott Carson


. “Lufthansa is widely recognized and respected as a leader in innovation, in communication and in customer service, and is demonstrating to its passengers today what the world of tomorrow will be like.”

Any standard notebook can be easily connected to the on-board network via an Ethernet network cable. The Lifebook S6010, several of which will be available for loan on board, free of charge, provides an even more elegant solution. The laptop, provides Internet connectivity via state-of-the art Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology. Lufthansa is working with the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) to secure the release of WLAN for general use, so that in future all passengers will be able to benefit from this future-oriented technology. In Business and First Class passengers will also be able to plug their laptops directly into sockets at their seats.

From the middle of this year Lufthansa plans to introduce FlyNet throughout its long-range fleet, which by then will consist of 80 aircraft - Boeing 747-400s, Airbus A330s and A340s.

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