HubX Partnership with Virtual-Agent Services

has selected award-winning Virtual-Agent Services (VAS) to provide the voice component of its reservations channel management

“We chose Virtual-Agent Services as the voice channel partner best able to
meet the needs and expectations of our hotel clients,” said Mike Murray,
President of HubX. “It comes as no surprise to us that call center demands
increase in direct relation to the enhancements we make to help hotels
distribute inventory among all of the various channels now available to
them.  When technology makes a hotel more accessible to customers, there are
more customers to serve, and more demand placed on the call center.
Virtual-Agent Services proved to us they are the best able to handle those
calls, both in quantity and in quality.  They are a perfect match for HubX
and the clients we serve, and we`re happy to be partnering with them.”

Services has elevated the expectations of contact center
customers and their clients by focusing on service quality as well as price.
By pioneering a new ACD application that allows smaller contact centers to
access a single central telephone connection, VAS has brought work to areas
with smaller but more highly skilled groups of workers. The result is better
service, higher retention of skilled agents, increased customer satisfaction
and demand by companies requiring qualified agents capable of handling
inbound service calls and queries.

“The quality of the service in your contact center is critical when the
agent is accepting inbound calls and is asked to market and upsell something
like a reservation at a world class hotel or resort,” commented Bob
Camastro, President of Virtual-Agent Services. “Our clients choose us on the
basis of our reputation for delivering that service, for exceeding their
standards in measures like test calls and accuracy and we are pleased to be
partnering with HubX to maintain their equally-high reputation for client

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