Aurium Delivers New Tool for Travel Industry

A new software product has been announced
aimed at global airlines, travel operators and central reservation
systems to help them generate revenue and customer service opportunities
based on a consumer`s context i.e. not just location but situation and
circumstances. The new product, En Route has been developed by
international technology firm, Aurium.

En Route is designed to reduce 24-hour operator and call centre
resources; provide automatic itinerary handling due to unpredictable
events (eg delays or missed flights); arrange automatic rebooking based
on preferences (eg category of travel, carrier); boost staff efficiency
(eg less inbound calls) and provide reports and recommendations to help
manage and reduce travel costs.

By linking CRM, database and booking systems, context software allows
services to be provided automatically to a mobile consumer in real time.

For example, using a context enhanced application, a customer need only
specify time and location for a meeting. The booking system will be able
to automatically book travel and hotels in adherence to predefined
personal or corporate preferences. If the consumer is delayed or misses
a flight, the system will automatically reschedule and advise the
consumer as well as airline, hotel, P.A. etc directly by SMS, email or

“The travel industry is in turmoil due to online booking and low-cost
carriers,” said Dr Simon Dobson (CTEO,  Aurium). “Context enhanced
applications will help travel organisations retain customer loyalty,
provide new revenue streams and reduce the cost of call centres as
rescheduling can be conducted automatically 24x7.”


“Through providing context aware software solutions such as En Route ,
we aim to make the travel experience more profitable for the provider
and more rewarding for the consumer,” said Dr Dobson.