Former Cendant Executive Joins TechTravelers

, producer of the second generation managed travel software suite mTravelå?, today named industry veteran Peter Collins as its Chief Operating Officer.

Collins previously served in multiple roles as a Vice President for travel industry giant Cendant
, where he participated in the $2.1 billion acquisition of global distribution/travel reservation system Galileo.

Collins was also instrumental in the integration of Highwire—[fm1] a first generation managed travel software system—into Galileo after it’s acquisition last October. Collins later served as Chief Operating Officer of Highwire. During his tenure with Galileo
, Collins also served as VP of Marketing and VP of Strategic Projects for the America’s Region of Galileo where he played an active role in formulating and supporting Galileo America’s strategy.

“I’m thrilled to join this team,” said Collins. “TechTravelers offers the rare opportunity to influence the course and direction of an exciting young company with technology that leads the industry on several fronts. mTravel? is clearly ahead of anything I have seen in the market and I look forward to playing my part.”


“We are very pleased to have Peter on board,” said Thomas Murray, TechTravelers’ President and CEO. “He not only brings a wealth of experience, he also shares our vision—we both see the opportunity: Whereas most of the players in our space are massive organizations often suffering from multiple layers of separation and bureaucracy, TechTravelers is streamlined and nimble with a much lower degree of separation between our product development and the market. We believe this to be a key advantage and one of the factors contributing to our technological lead.

“Peter is the right guy for this key role in our organization,” Murray continued. “With his proven track record of success and ability to keep an eye on the horizon, I am fully confident in Peter as COO and look forward to working with him as we continue to gain momentum with each stride.”

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