Comtec Launches Money Saving System for Agents

has launched Booking, Match and Reconcile, the market`s first automated system that checks reservations data to dramatically reduce the cost of error administration for agents
Booking Match and Reconcile is designed to eliminate tour operator cancellation charges levied on agents when incorrect booking details are recorded; reduce administration charges for late changes to incorrect bookings; improve customer service and help agents collect the correct payments from customers.

The software utilises the technology of EasySell to automatically check holiday details passed to agency management systems with the corresponding data held on the viewdata reservation systems of over 50 top tour operators.

Booking Match and Reconcile uses booking references to retrieve holiday details from viewdata systems and decodes them into XML. Where differences are found, an exception report is produced allowing agents to quickly investigate and solve problems. The system is available as an add on to TravelCat - Comtec`s agency management system - or offered as an interface which agents can integrate into their own systems.

Simon Powell, group chief executive at Comtec said: “The annual cost to an agency of resolving discrepancies between holiday data held on their own and tour operator systems is massive. Booking Match and Reconcile solves this by identifying differences and makes it easy to rectify errors at an early stage of the process.”

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