Rosenbluth International Announces Crisis Preparation Plan

Rosenbluth International
today announced free distribution and implementation of the Company`s traveler tracking/security `TrackPoint` technology to existing customer and non-customer base, in recognition of the increased potential for incidents that could impact travelers` ability to reach their destinations. 

A key component in Rosenbluth`s safety and security product offering, the Global Security Suite, TrackPoint provides an easy-to-use, interactive application that allows companies to find their travelers immediately, offering summary information and detailed itineraries of executives on the road. The product is available through a graphic interface or a search method on the user`s desktop offering multiple methods to find and retrieve information. All of the information is completely secure with protected passwords and log-ins.

“We live in a changed world; one where the threat of terrorism has made crisis planning of the utmost importance. We believe that during exceptional times our responsibility to the business travel community extends beyond that of our client base.  As such, we are prepared to provide non-Rosenbluth client businesses as well as all of our existing clients free access to our TrackPoint travel security product,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth

, chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International.

“In addition, although Rosenbluth International has always had a comprehensive crisis plan in place, with increased terrorist activities and a possible war on the horizon we felt the need to reiterate and expand upon this plan. We want to ensure that our people and our clients are fully aware of what they can expect from us in a time of crisis. Each component of our plan is designed to work together to provide clients with the utmost confidence in our service in the most turbulent of times.”


The Rosenbluth crisis plan encompasses the following areas: Customer Service, Supplier Relations, Technology, Communications, and Crisis Response. 

Customer Service

Operationally, Rosenbluth has reviewed each of its call centers and formed plans to ensure that they are equipped to handle exceptionally high call volumes in the days following a crisis.  The call centers are prepared to tackle a crisis situation in an efficient and expedited manner with no disruptions in service.

Supplier Relations Planning

The Rosenbluth Supplier Relations department has been proactively tracking the number of its clients traveling in key cities at any given time. Weekly, these numbers are given to car service and rental partners, hotel suppliers, air charter companies and rail providers, allowing the Company to reserve the appropriate arrangements in advance, should an event with the potential to strand travelers occur. This practice best positions Rosenbluth to secure travel arrangements for its clients, even if one travel channel shuts down and others are overloaded as a consequence.
Most importantly, Rosenbluth has also developed comprehensive client evacuation plans to assist clients in vacating areas nationally and internationally in the event of a crisis.

Rosenbluth is able to provide its clients with the most advanced travel alternative options available in the marketplace, such as immersive TeleSuite conferencing environments for virtual, life-size, real-time communications, as well as conventional videoconferencing, web, and audio conferencing services for clients who may be unable or unwilling to travel.

Additionally, the plan`s key technology component is the Global Security Suite. This suite of products is designed to address the safety and security concerns of travelers and travel managers worldwide. The suite is comprised of three components, including TrackPoint, which work together to arm travelers and travel managers with the information they need to make fast, well-informed decisions about travel.


Rosenbluth will provide timely communications to clients on the crisis situation at hand. Clients can expect communications on world events, industry news, supplier policy changes and emerging industry trends as a result of the crisis. Communications will be pushed to travelers electronically, and will also be housed on the website, to ensure that they may be easily accessed by clients in a time of need.

Crisis Response

Rosenbluth has identified a team of leaders and key personnel to implement the Company`s crisis plans and procedures in the event of an emergency. This team will be monitoring call volume, traveler locations and transactions on a daily basis, and will provide pertinent information and exceptional customer service to clients at all times. If a crisis situation occurs near one office, Rosenbluth will ensure that the high volume of calls that will subsequently flow into that office are rerouted to other call center locations, ensuring that each call is fielded in a timely manner.

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