OTC Launches Envoy & Signs Marketing Deal with Worldspan

Online Travel Corporation
(OTC), one of UK`s leading online travel supplier and retailer, has announced the launch of Envoy, an advanced business travel management system, and the signing of a marketing agreement for the product with Worldspan.

Caption: Mark Jones

Envoy is an internet-based business travel management platform, which enables travel agencies and their corporate customers to manage all aspects of business travel transactions. The product was originally developed by Travelstore.com
, OTC`s business travel agency subsidiary, to optimise its service. OTC acquired
Travelstore.com in June 2002, with the intention of building its existing share of the business travel market, and will now use Envoy to help realise its ambitions.

The modular system comprises a core customer management and accounting product; flight and hotel reservations products, and a revolutionary corporate module allowing agencies` corporate customers to book through Envoy from a web browser, with all transactions completed within each company`s travel policies.

OTC has simultaneously announced that Worldspan
has become its preferred partner for the breakthrough system. In a three-year deal, Worldspan will help promote the product and incentivise new Envoy customers. Worldspan already has a customer-base of nearly 20,000 travel agencies, travel service providers and corporations worldwide, and processes some 50% of the world`s online travel agency transactions.

Mark Jones
, CEO at OTC commented: “Real opportunities exist in the business travel market, following the enormous corrections in the sector witnessed over the last two years. The launch of Envoy places OTC in a strong position to capitalise on our existing market penetration.


“We are pleased to announce the marketing agreement with Worldspan, which provides real endorsement of Envoy. This breakthrough system will create significant revenue opportunities for OTC through direct and third-party licensing agreements.”

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