Travelocity Delivers New Air Fare Shopping Engine

Travelocity, popular travel site, has introduced P3 technology, its next-generation air fare shopping engine. Representing the exponential strength of precision, power, and price, P3 drives a completely new air shopping experience on the site focused upon giving consumers the lowest fares, best variety of brands and the most viable options when researching and purchasing airline tickets online.
Gilliland, president and CEO - Travelocity


“With the frequent introduction of new technology such as Best Fare Finder in 1998, Travelocity has built a reputation for innovation in air shopping - finding the fare that best meets individual needs,” said Sam Gilliland

, Travelocity president and CEO. “With P3 we are again extending our leadership position - ensuring a high-quality user experience for consumers and an even greater selection of travel choices.



“We were recognized in a recent major consumer study as providing the most viable or `travel-able` itineraries as compared to our competitors,” Gilliland continued. “Our customers want a richer variety of `useful` fare and travel information and, through this offering, we give them the most advanced user interface with three times as many flight options from the outset of a fare search.”


P3 is a collaborative effort between Travelocity and its parent company, Sabre Holdings. A team of engineers and software developers from Travelocity, along with operations research scientists from Sabre, modeled and implemented the optimal way for Travelocity to grow its low fare options while improving its industry-leading display of viable alternatives.
Precision: P3 gives consumers, on the first screen following a flight query, more meaningful and useful choices when shopping for airline tickets online. In an industry-first, money-saving alternatives that consider airport location, departure time, airline and other preferences are simultaneously factored into the search - along with the fare`s price - based upon the customer`s original request and then presented where applicable. This is complemented by cutting-edge technology that filters unusable and/or unviable flights along with leg-by-leg shopping which lets consumers combine a variety of flights to create their ideal itinerary.

Power: Travelocity is now returning up to 31 different fares per search - a more comprehensive display - featuring a greater variety of options with each search. This redesigned screen is easier to use and allows for more intuitive navigation. During testing, 66 percent of users also said they preferred Travelocity`s organization of flight options over the competition. Plus, consumers now have the ability to filter down to the content that interests them the most, using new search buttons.

Price: Travelocity`s reputation for finding low fares grows with its P3 technology. In addition to always giving the lowest fares it finds first, P3 introduces to the marketplace the capability to provide money-saving options such as Web Fares, Flex Fares and Exclusive Fares in every flight search. Consumers will also have convenient access to package deals and Travelocity product offerings like hotel and car rentals, all within the air shopping displays.

“The focus on precision, power and price results in a richer, broader and more useful array of travel options for our members,” Gilliland said. “We`re excited to yet again raise the competitive bar for providing not only the best deals, but the best customer experience.”


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