Booming Chinese Economy Spurs Increasing Corporate Demand In Business Travel Market

Rosenbluth-Comfort Business Travel Service today continued its rapid expansion into the dynamic $4.2 billion Chinese business travel market with the announcement of its latest client, Rockwell Automation China. 
Rockwell Automation joins Rosenbluth-Comfort`s growing client base, which most recently includes ChevronTexaco, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), Bank of America N.A., R.R. Donnelly, ChipPAC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Kerr-McGee, and Portal Software, all of which have been added since June.


-Comfort was one of the first business travel joint ventures in China, and has been experiencing rapid growth as the expansion and liberalization of the Chinese economy stimulates an increasing demand for travel management services and expertise.  Since the joint venture commenced in December 2001, it has expanded steadily and now has one of the largest business travel organizational presence in China, with 61 locations and aggressive plans for continued growth. 

“China is an economic juggernaut, and a result, business travel is an increasingly critical component of the country`s overall economy,” said Pieter Rieder, Vice President of Strategic Markets for Rosenbluth International.  “Since Rosenbluth-Comfort stands among the very first to enter the Chinese market, we have been able to tap into both the rapidly growing segment of global companies with Chinese operations, as well as the internal Chinese market, which is also experiencing strong growth as the country continues its economic liberalization.  As a result, Rosenbluth-Comfort is extremely well-positioned to capitalize on China`s economic growth as the first choice for corporate travel management services for both global and China-based companies.”

Rosenbluth International operates two full service offices in Beijing & Shanghai, five on-site locations, and 54 joint venture partner locations, which are located throughout the People`s Republic of China.  Rosenbluth is the world`s third largest travel management company, and China Comfort is one of China`s largest travel companies.


As a result of his company`s efforts in China, Chairman and CEO Hal Rosenbluth was given the prestigious Marco Polo Award in May 2002.  The award honors Rosenbluth as an American corporate leader who has helped build stronger Sino-American business relations.

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