UNiREZ Signs With Travelweb

Dallas-based Travelweb has finalized an agreement with UNiREZ, Inc. to serve as a preferred distributor of net-rate hotel inventory via the Internet, a service that the reservation service provider will make available to its more than 3,000 hotel member properties worldwide.
UNiREZ`s hotel membership includes Lodgeworks (Sierra Suites), Noble House Hotels, Woodside Hotels and Resorts, KSL Resorts and Joie de Vivre Hotels.

According to the two-year agreement, UNiREZ`s member hotels will have the ability to leverage Travelweb LLC`s streamlined automated model to dynamically allocate net-rate hotel room inventory. The first of its kind in the hotel industry, Travelweb LLC`s automated model delivers up-to-the-minute discounted hotel rooms directly from the hotel property`s CRS, helping to maintain the integrity of the hotel`s brand and allow for better yield and revenue management. Travelweb LLC`s direct CRS connection eliminates the error-prone manual method, helps ensure a smooth check-in process for consumers and reduces the electronic distribution costs for hoteliers. UNiREZ`s participating hotel members` net-rate inventory will be made available through Travelweb LLC`s private-label affiliate sites such as Orbitz and Continental Airlines` Web site.

“With Travelweb`s automated approach, UNiREZ`s member hotels now have the ability to directly manage their discount inventory and ensure that their brand is well-represented to consumers on the Internet,” said Joe Humphry, chief executive officer of Travelweb LLC. “As one of the fastest growing reservation service providers worldwide, UNiREZ recognizes the need of its independent hoteliers and chains to access tools to take control of their online inventory, reduce electronic distribution costs and fill rooms that may have gone unsold under the antiquated blocked-room method used by other online discount hotel sites.”

“Travelweb presents a new automated process for our member independent hotels and hotel chains to participate in the net-rate merchant model without compromising the product they are delivering to their customers,” said Dwight Hendrickson, president and chief executive officer of UNiREZ. “Through Travelweb we are able to offer our members the capability to have complete real-time control over how their discount inventory is distributed online, therefore enhancing yield and revenue management.”