NetRep Offers Personalised Web Experience

Collabor8, a new, venture funded company, provides online businesses with
the ultimate customer acquisition and customer service tool, the NetRep
collaborative 3-CRM suite.
The NetRep e-CRM solution is a proactive web
chat technology that facilitates live customer service on the web, helping
to develop-e-customer relationships, sales assistance and customer care as well as generate sales leads. 

The live web-chat technology enables companies to deliver the “High Street”
experience to their website visitors.  It allows sales assistants to “sit
behind” the website and proactively “serve” e-customers via browser-based
web chat while they are online. 

NetRep allows potential customers to be profiled as they browse around
websites, which enables high calibre customer service to be matched to high
value customers and helps improve conversion rates by turning more “lookers”
into “bookers”.  With NetRep, sales assistants can proactively offer help
through the greyer aspects of any sales process and at critical visitor
drop-out points, for example, on registration and on checkout to avoid
“shopping cart abandonment”.

By personalising e-customers` web experiences and proactively initiating
contact with them when they are most receptive, travel and leisure companies
can deliver the High Street experience online, dramatically increasing
customer conversion and satisfaction rates.