Corporate Tavel Agencies Boost Efficiency With Amadeus

Amadeus Policy Arranger is the first GDS tool to automate policy sharing
between travel agency central and branch offices, increasing agentså«
productivity and accuracy.

Amadeus Global Travel Distribution, the leading
Global Distribution System (GDS) and travel industry technology provider,
today announced the launch of Policy Arranger, a unique automated travel
management tool that significantly reduces time spent by travel agencies
administering corporate travel policy data.
Tests have demonstrated that by using Amadeus Policy Arranger, an agent`s
time to complete a corporate booking can be reduced by up to 40 per cent as
the need to copy headquarters policy and profile data is eliminated. With
Amadeus Policy Arranger, corporate travel policies and profiles created at a
company`s global headquarters are automatically inherited by local branch
offices and subsidiaries via a built-in hierarchy system.

Amadeus Policy Arranger is completely integrated into the Amadeus System and
therefore available at no extra cost to customers. The tool is a powerful
complement to Amadeus Travel Choice, the industry-leading travel management
tool for policy and preference processing.

Equally important is the fact that corporate clients benefit from enhanced
service as Policy Arranger ensures a corporation`s travel policy is
consistently applied across all of its offices, and is followed by all
travel agency branch offices serving a particular corporate account.

Further benefits of Amadeus Policy Arranger for corporate travel agencies

* Easy to use graphical interface

* Minimum training

* Easy distribution of the product via the Internet

* Available in all markets worldwide


“We are impressed with the difference that Policy Arranger has made.
Automatically inputting and updating the information just once and from one
central site saves a significant amount of time for us, and guarantees
accuracy for our customers who can rest assured that the correct corporate
policies are being applied at a local level”, commented Lars Bystrom,
Production Development Manager, Nyman & Schultz, Corporate Travel Agency

“Policy Arranger is an example of how Amadeus is ahead of the game at
anticipating customers` needs. As cost saving is high on the agenda for
increasing numbers of corporate clients, they look towards travel management
services that promise efficiency, added value, and return on investment.
Travel agencies increasingly choose to partner with Amadeus because they
know we are the first to bring them technology and solutions that can
deliver against these vital promises,” said Gillian Gibson, Director, Travel
Agency Partners, Amadeus.