Telewest Travel announces Latest Customer Figures

Telewest Travel, a leading supplier of broadband communications to the
travel industry, has announced a significant rise in the number of new
travel customers choosing broadband ADSL following a pricing

Since June of this year, the number of broadband ADSL customers has
increased by 61%. Since the mid-year 49% (nearly 1 in 2) of new travel
agent customers are choosing broadband ADSL technology as their
preferred means of access to Endeavour.

Endeavour, from Telewest Travel, is the market leading service designed
specifically for the travel industry professional to enable faster, more
accurate provision of travel information to the customer.  Endeavour
consistently delivers extensive Viewdata, Internet and e-commerce
capabilities to the industry; combined with high-speed `always on`
connection via broadband ADSL, agents can access the latest travel
information with increased efficiency and speed at low cost.

Broadband ADSL transmits digital information at a high bandwidth on
existing phone lines and cabling. By allowing a large amount of
information to flow on the downstream channel, broadband ADSL enables
users to receive large amounts of information via email, web downloads
and mobile devices without the compromise of a slow and unreliable
connection and stability.

Keith Webber, head of travel, Telewest Business says, “Since the
beginning of June we have experienced a notable rise in the uptake of
our broadband ADSL offering following our new pricing structure.  ADSL
is very affordable, provides efficient and reliable Endeavour access and
our customers are now clearly aware of the benefit of this to their


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