OAG Launches Flight Status Initiative

OAG has launched OAG Flight Status, a new system that enables airlines and third-party flight-booking and planning solutions to access changes in flight schedules and operating details as they happen.
To provide the most accurate information, OAG Flight Status works directly with airlines to collect data in various formats and translate it into one standard, easy-to-understand format. Customers of OAG data, the division of OAG responsible for developing the initiative, can receive this information and provide it to their own customers via their mobile phone or Internet technology.

Even a slight deviation in a flight`s schedule or operating details causes a chain reaction. Airlines and airports have to rearrange support services ranging from catering to maintenance and baggage handling and passengers may face delays and confusion unaware that a last-minute change has taken place.

“We view ourselves as an independent facilitator between the airlines and their customers. There is a constant need, both by the airline industry and by the wider travel industry, to provide customers with up-to-the-moment flight and airport changes. By responding to this need, we not only improve relationships with our customers, but we benefit the business travel industry as a whole,” said Bill Andres, Senior Vice President, OAG North America. “This is truly a win-win situation for OAG, for our customers and for the frequent business travelers.”