Inmarsat Delivers New High Speed, Cost Efficient, Mobile Data Communications to the Travel Sector

Inmarsat Ltd, the Total Communications
Network, will present the key benefits of their new high-speed data service
via satellite for the travel sector on their booth No. TT784 at the World
Travel Market.  The new service is due to be officially launched later in
November 2002.

The travel industry has a requirement for secure global communications with

a network that provides `always on` connectivity at an affordable price.

The new mobile satellite communications service from Inmarsat, Regional

BGAN, is ideal for tour companies that operate treks and adventure holidays


in remote, undeveloped parts of the world where terrestrial networks are

slow, non-existent or unreliable; or for hotels wanting to offer

value-added guest services such as email and Internet access when the local

network is not reliable enough.

The benefits of reliable and high-speed data rates are numerous.  For

example, logistical and operational activities, such as monitoring the

whereabouts of a tour group and requests for supplies can be sped up,

potentially reducing costs and improving business performance. Tour

companies can also offer their customers the opportunity to use the service

to stay in touch with their families back home, giving the tour companies

an instant competitive advantage in an often aggressive market.

In addition, the unit also gives the security and emergency advantages of

an `always on`, `available anywhere` communications service. It provides

the tour guests and employees increased personal security, as they are able

to contact base staff at any time.  It also allows the tour company to

offer a safer, more supported holiday.

Inmarsat Regional BGAN gives users access to data transmissions that are at

least twice the speed of current terrestrial GPRS mobile services, enabling

them to send and receive communications as if they were in the office

environment, but from anywhere at anytime. It operates via a simple,

lightweight portable satellite IP modem, and delivers high-speed IP

connectivity to up to 99 countries. Its key features include:

á    Continuous coverage within the satellite footprint

á    Reliability; as the international provider of emergency
communications for those at sea, resilience is at the heart of Inmarsat`s

á    `Always on` access to IP-based networks including the Internet, email
and company networks

á    Value for money, with users being charged only for the amount of data
sent and received rather than time spent online.

“Regional BGAN represents the dramatic next stage in the evolution of

Inmarsat`s data services portfolio,” said Michael Butler, managing director

of Inmarsat. “With the advent of Regional BGAN, we can help travel

businesses extend their communications networks quickly and reliably into

places off the beaten track, where there isn`t a reliable terrestrial

network or coverage by mobile technologies. Improved communications often

means improved service quality for customers and our technology guarantees

that travel companies will be able to offer their customers the kind of

availability and connectivity to high speed data services that they are

used to in the office or at an Internet café.”

Regional BGAN will be available in up to 99 countries across the Middle

East, northern half of Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, large parts of

the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the Indian sub-continent.