Fleetstar-Online Ensures Holiday-Makers Reach Airport on Time

Cybit, the UK`s fastest growing provider of fleet management and telematics
solutions, has announced a six figure order for its Fleetstar-Online
web-based fleet management solution from the Titan Travel Group, an
award-winning travel operator.
Fleetstar-Online will provide Titan with
tracking and traffic information for its 160-strong fleet to help ensure
that holiday-makers using its VIP Local Departure Service reach the airport
on time. Fleetstar-Online will also provide Titan with historical reporting
capabilities to enable managers to analyse fleet performance and ensure a
high level of customer service.

Titan Travel will integrate Fleetstar-Online with its existing
Trafficmaster driver traffic information solution, enabling fleet managers
to track vehicles in real-time, provide
back-office support to monitor jobs and offer effective allocation of work.
Fleetstar-Online`s reporting capabilities will provide management
information throughout the business to improve Titan`s efficiency and
ensure that service quality conforms to set performance targets. Examples
include enabling the transport operations department to ensure that the
right number of vehicles and drivers are always available, the accounts
department to verify timesheets and check against summary journey reports,
and the transport maintenance department to check vehicle mileage and
manage ongoing vehicle servicing.

Paul Adams, Director of Transport, at Titan Travel, said: “We have forged a
reputation for providing a personalised holiday service, and that means
right from the moment we pick our customers up. Fleetstar-Online`s enhanced
vehicle tracking capabilities and advanced reporting tools will give us
greater visibility of our fleet for a high level of customer service. As a
100 per cent web-based solution, Fleetstar-Online enables our staff to
log-in from wherever they are and access the information that is relevant
to them. For example, our maintenance team can see when a vehicle is due
for a service or a fleet manager can get a location fix on a particular
driver. We can also use the information we collect via Fleetstar-Online to
make further improvements to our service.”

“As the only leading telematics vendor with an open-platform approach we`re
able to integrate Fleetstar-Online with other existing systems such as
Trafficmaster`s traffic management solutions,” added John Wisdom, Director
of Sales and Marketing, Cybit. “Titan Travel has received a number of
awards, including travel awards from the Daily Telegraph three years
running, and has a clear focus on customer satisfaction. This extends to
its VIP Local Departure Service which ensures that holiday-makers reach the
airport without worrying about parking their vehicle, traffic delays or
getting lost. Fleetstar-Online`s powerful reporting capabilities will
enable Titan Travel to make further improvements by offering, standard and
customised reports of individual and fleet driving performance to measure,
for example, journey times, average speeds, vehicle mileage and unscheduled
stops. This, in turn, will provide greater visibility of its mobile

Fleetstar-Online provides companies employing a mobile workforce with
cost-effective ASP-based fleet management capabilities and rapid return on
investment. Fleet vehicles are fitted with a small electronic
in-vehicle-unit (IVU) which is tracked by GPS in real-time and data
transmitted to Cybit`s online control centre to be accessed by users over
the Internet with a standard web browser. Fleetstar-Online`s `anytime,
anywhere` fleet management tools include real-time location-based tracking
of vehicles, up-to-the-minute traffic information, route planning and
scheduling, historical reporting and analysis, journey replay, exception
reporting and SMS capabilities.