Teledex Announces High-Speed Internet Access Solution

Teledex LLC

, a leading worldwide provider of telephones for the hospitality industry, announced the availability of its new high-speed Internet access (HSIA) solution for the hospitality industry named ExpressNet.

ExpressNet provides an integrated, economical solution for lodging properties of all types to deliver dependable, high-speed Internet access for less than $200 per installed room.

ExpressNet Advantages

Uses Existing Wiring, Eliminating Expensive Recabling
ExpressNet does not require properties to install new cable infrastructure. Utilizing existing copper wires, the ExpressNet solution delivers dependable 1Mbps access to each endpoint. Typically, lodging properties wishing to deploy HSIA to guestrooms are required to install new cabling, at significant expenditure, in order to provide the service. Such recabling also tends to be disruptive to property operations during installation.


Priced Under $200 Per Installed Guestroom
ExpressNet provides high-speed Internet access for less than $200 per guestroom, including the necessary server and concentrator equipment that is installed in the property`s telecom equipment room. Pricing per property will vary slightly depending on each property`s specific needs, but at less than $200 per installed guestroom, ExpressNet is priced significantly lower than most HSIA solutions.

Guestroom Terminal Installs Directly to the Underside of Teledex Telephones
Using the integrated ExpressNet adapter, the in-room terminal easily installs directly to the underside of the majority of Teledex guestroom telephones, occupying no additional space on the desktop, nor requiring additional equipment installation under the desk or onto the wall. The ExpressNet adapter places the RJ-45 Ethernet jack conveniently on the base of the telephone.

An Integrated Solution
All the components of the ExpressNet solution have been designed and selected to work together in harmony, providing a trouble-free service that properties are able to leverage immediately for enhanced competitive advantage.

Plug-and-Play Guest Convenience
ExpressNet software provides for plug-and-play ease of use for the guest. Network Address Translation Services (NATS), part of the server side software, requires no reconfiguration of a guest`s laptop computer network settings. This makes the service attractive for the guest, as well as easy to manage for the property.

ExpressNet Components
The ExpressNet components include the ExpressNet Concentrator Chassis and ExpressNet Gateway Server, both of which are installed in the property`s telecommunications equipment room, and the ExpressNet Adapter, which is installed in each guestroom. The ExpressNet Adapter is designed to install easily onto the underside of most Teledex telephones. For telephones that do not accept the ExpressNet Adapter, alternate adapters are available.