Expedia.com Survey Reveals Latest Travelling Trends

According to a U.S. survey commissioned by Expedia.com

, nearly 60 percent of Americans feel like they need a “vacation” after a holiday family visit. In addition to finding that most Americans would like a vacation after their holiday trips, the survey also revealed the following holiday travel trends:

—More than 64 percent of Americans say they feel the need to enjoy some “alone time” during family holidays.

—While many Americans stay with their families during the holidays, accommodations can vary widely-from guest rooms to sofa beds to “wherever they can find a place to lie down.”

—10 percent of Americans would rather eat an entire fruitcake in one sitting than spend a week with their in-laws.

“Americans can sometimes feel conflicted when it comes to the winter holiday season. While it`s an exciting, festive time of year to be with family and friends, it can also be a stressful time,” said Erik Blachford, president of Expedia North America. “Expedia.com wants to do everything possible to help Americans enjoy this holiday season by offering vacation solutions that provide convenience, flexibility and savings all in one place.”

The survey also revealed the following:

—Of the 58 percent of Americans who are spending money to travel and visit family this holiday season, 70 percent do not consider a family visit a “real vacation.”

—Another 15% of Americans are having family visit them over the holidays.

—One in three respondents said they would rather stay at a hotel when visiting family for the holidays.

—74 percent of survey respondents do not consider hosting family a “real vacation.”

—When asked if they felt rested after they have their family visit, more than 40 percent of respondents said no.

—50 percent of those who host family for the holidays said they feel the need to escape and enjoy some “alone time.”