Amadeus Doubles Number of E-Ticketing Carriers Available in the UK

Over the past five months Amadeus UK

, a leading
global distribution system (GDS) and technology provider, has doubled the
number of e-ticketing carriers available to UK agents through the Amadeus
system bringing the total number of carriers available in the UK to 15. 

Peter Cacioppo, Director of Sales for Amadeus UK
Rob Golledge, Senior Marketing Executive for Amadeus UK said, `Our customers
told us that the ability to offer e-ticketing on a greater number of
airlines in the UK was important to them. That is why in the last 5 months
alone Amadeus, in close co-operation with leading airlines, has managed to
double the number of e-ticket carriers available to our UK customers.` 

The latest leading carrier to offer e-ticketing through Amadeus is Austrian
Airlines who will begin deploying e-tickets at the end of October.

Gudrun Sullivan, Deputy General Manager UK & Ireland for Austrian Airlines
stated, “Many of our agents in the UK have expressed an interest in being
able to issue e-tickets.  By expanding our e-ticketing capabilities in the
UK, our agents will be able to offer additional benefits to their clients
already accustomed to using e-tickets.  Additionally, over the longer term
we foresee the wider adoption of e-ticketing helping to reduce our
distribution costs while still providing our clients with a high level of
service benefits.  We are very pleased to be able to offer the e-ticket
facility to our agents through Amadeus and we sincerely believe it will be a


Key benefits of electronic tickets include:
* Lower costs for travel agents
o Electronic ticketing is the cheapest and
easiest way to issue ticket saving travel agents both time and money
* Quicker check-in time for passengers
o Passengers are able to check in more quickly
via electronic check-in machines at most major airports
* The elimination of problems arising from lost, stolen or damaged

Peter Cacioppo, Director of Sales for Amadeus UK said, “Electronic ticketing
is basically a win-win situation for everyone.  Travellers have one less
item to forget on the way to the airport, airlines can lower their
distribution costs and, since e-tickets are the fastest, cheapest and
easiest way to issue tickets, agents achieve significant productivity
savings when setting up last minute ticket requests.  With these benefits in
mind, we are pleased to be working closely with Austrian Airlines to offer
Amadeus agents in the UK the ability to issue e-tickets on these flights.” 

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