Rosenbluth International Applauds Galileo`s Preferred Fares Program

In response to the recent announcement by Galileo International

to reduce airlines` distribution fees in exchange for providing Galileo access to all the airline carriers` published fares, Alex Wasilov

, President and C.O.O. of Rosenbluth International

said,  “Rosenbluth International is pleased by the new Preferred Fares program introduced by Galileo.  This program allows us to move closer to eliminating confusion and frustration around the issue of Web fares by ultimately allowing access of these fares through the GDS.

We feel initiatives such as the one made by Galileo are a win-win-win for the GDS`, airlines and travel management providers.  Due to our advocacy in this arena, we strongly encourage all airlines along with GDS providers to embrace this strategy,” continued Wasilov.


Situation Analysis

Web fares have become an increasingly contentious issue in the corporate travel world.  The growing practice of travelers booking Web fares independent of corporate travel management programs can negatively affect the ability of companies to realize overall cost-savings through strategic contracts with airlines.  Moreover, without integration into a managed travel program, Web fare users often cannot benefit from the travel program`s advantages, such as the provision of customer care services throughout the travel process and the use of products such as Rosenbluth International`s Global Security Suite which allows employers the ability to track traveler whereabouts during any given point especially during emergency situations.