Illusions Online to Launch New Tour Operator System

Illusions Online, pioneer of the world`s first browser-based tour operator system, is to become the market`s first supplier to harness Microsoft`s .net technology, and will launch the new version of its TraveLLusions tour operator booking system,

, at WTM next month.

The breakthrough has seen the company updating its browser-based TraveLLusions system to offer operators a reservations environment with added reliability, security and scalability.

Illusions Online believes will operate at speeds 300-500% faster than products built on earlier Microsoft technology, according to Microsoft`s own .net test-bed results.

Built on the success of XML web service standards, .net technology will also simplify the creation of interfaces to third-party systems such as airline, car rental and hotel CRSs, as well as to GDSs, travel agency systems and industry websites.


A further new feature in the system is its fares module, a sophisticated new flights search and booking facility offering tour operators live and intelligent web-links to airlines, offering faster connections than existing industry technologies allow.

The fares module uses technology to offer intelligent fares mark-up functionality, enabling tour operators to automatically apply different sets of mark-up rules to different airlines, different seat classes or different market segments. The system is one of the first to harness British Airways` e-commerce specifications, with updated information from the carrier passing seamlessly to the tour operator whenever new fare rules are published.

Said Illusions Online`s CEO Faisal Memon: “A key issue in the tour operator technology market at the moment is systems integration. We`ve chosen to create the latest version of TraveLLusions around Microsoft`s .net technology because it simplifies the development of interfaces to systems such as GDSs and airline or destination websites.”

He adds: “Tour operators are always looking to minimise costs, yet appreciate that technology is the crunch issue when it comes to productivity. By using technology can maximise a company`s efficiency while also offering a reliable and secure IT environment.”

The new system is targeted at medium to large-sized tour operators including those with offices worldwide - a key market for Illusions Online.

Companies to have harnessed Illusions Online technology in recent months include leading short breaks operator TravelBreak - now offering travel agents real-time commissionable web bookings through its TraveLLusions-powered website. Another win for the systems provider was global sustainable tourism company Green Globe 21 - whose TraveLLusions-powered website,

, enables eco-friendly travel providers to sell sustainable tourism products, including accommodation and packages, to travel agents and consumers.