Tiscover Strengthens Position in Germany

Destination portal acquires key hotel and destination assets


, Europe`s leading e-travel destination portal and management system company, has strengthened its position in Germany following the announcement that it has acquired the hotel and destination assets, as well as all Internet domains, of liquidated travel company Travel Commerce AG (Trac).

Through the deal, Tiscover will acquire data for thousands of hotels and destination marketing organisations (DMOs) throughout Germany. The data will further increase the accommodation information available on Tiscover`s German portals, adding value and choice for the over four million consumers who visit Tiscover`s portals every month.

Additionally, the deal will benefit the hotels and destinations by providing them with a powerful tool to market their products and services online, both through Tiscover`s international portals as well as through each property`s and destination`s own website.
Karsten Karcher, chief international business officer at Tiscover said: “Germany is a key market for Tiscover and we are confident that this acquisition will strengthen our position and add value to our portals. Tiscover is always increasing the amount of accommodation, other holiday and destination content we offer consumers and is always seeking to provide destination information in a richer and more dynamic format.”
Tiscover`s websites feature in-depth information for tourist destinations, providing content on thousands of regions, cities and towns. The portals offer an at-a-glance guide to top tourist attractions, festivals and cultural events, coupled with information and the ability to booking for tens of thousands of accommodation providers. The sites also feature comprehensive weather reports, web movies and feeds from webcams positioned in popular tourist areas.


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