ARESCOM Hospitality Network Forms new Partnership


a global provider of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) equipment and related services for the hospitality, residential property, telecommunication and ISP markets, has established a systems integrator partnership with Salt Lake City-based e-Communications and Networking.

The alliance calls for e-Communications and Networking to deploy ARESCOM`s wired and wireless HSIA solutions—free of installation costs as well as common billing and technical support headaches—in hundreds of hotels over the next two years.


Under terms of the agreement, valued at $4 million per year, e-Communications and Networking will serve as an ARESCOM Hospitality Network (AHN) Systems Integrator Partner—deploying ARESCOM`s wired and/or wireless HSIA solutions in up to 400 of ARESCOM`s client properties and up to another 150 of its own direct hospitality clients by Summer 2004.



Fremont-based ARESCOM will provide its proven AHN broadband infrastructure equipment, while e-Communications and Networking will provide complete installation and technical support for all AHN HSIA hardware and software solutions. AHN will handle all related HSIA billing and revenue sharing and will deliver 24/7/365 professional phone support to guests and properties.


“We are very excited to have forged a strategic systems integrator partnership with ARESCOM, one of the most respected broadband equipment manufacturers in the industry,” said David C. English, president of e-Communications and Networking. “By coupling our extensive experience and proven track record of hospitality network rollouts worldwide with ARESCOM`s wired and wireless HSIA solutions manufacturing expertise, our partnership is best poised to exceed the expectations of hotel owners, operators and guests alike.”

The e-Communications and Networking management team includes six former Wayport and STSN executives who played major roles in the installation and integration of various wired and wireless HSIA solutions at more than 1,000 hotels across the globe.
Dave Egan, ARESCOM vice president of marketing said, “An estimated 25 million business travelers—up from approximately 1.5 million just four years ago—are demanding that hotel properties offer HSIA so they can stay connected to corporate networks at speeds they recently have become accustomed to in their workplaces and homes. ARESCOM is addressing this requirement by enabling hotels to offer both wired and wireless solutions, requiring no investment or risk by the properties. With the addition of e-Communications and Networking, we have the longstanding industry connections and proven installation and support partners to provide a best-of-breed solution to hospitality.”