Hotwire Expands Hotels to Canada and the Caribbean

Hotwire , the discount travel site, today announced the expansion of its hotel
product into Canada and the Caribbean. 

Now, travelers around the world can save up to 70% off published hotel rates
by purchasing Hotwire Hot-RatesSM in more than 300 cities and resort
destinations throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.
Additionally, all Hotwire hotel Hot-RatesSM are guaranteed to be the lowest
available, backed by Hotwire`s “Double the Difference” Low Price Hotel
Recently added Hotwire hotel cities in Canada include Montreal, Toronto,
Vancouver, Ottawa, Windsor, Edmonton, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Whistler,
Banff, and Victoria.  Caribbean destinations include Puerto Rico, Aruba and
Jamaica, with more expansion coming later in 2002. 

“With these international additions, we now offer hotels in more than 300
cities and resort areas - an increase of 600% from one year ago,” said
Spencer Rascoff, Hotwire vice president of hotels.  “We are thrilled to give
our leisure customers even more options for great deals throughout North

Below are examples of Hotwire hotel Hot-RatesSM in recently added cities:

* 3.5-Star hotel, Montreal (Downtown) $45/ night

* 4-Star hotel, Toronto (Downtown) $45/ night

* 4-Star hotel, Vancouver (Downtown) $61/ night

* 3-Star hotel, Banff, Canada $88/ night

* 3-Star hotel, Puerto Rico (San Juan) $90/ night

* 4-Star hotel, Aruba $109/ night

* 4-Star hotel, Jamaica (Montego Bay) $96/ night


All rates listed are in U.S. dollars and represent actual purchases
recently made by Hotwire customers.  Rates shown do not include taxes and
fees, and are nonchangeable, nonrefundable purchases.  Because prices change
all the time, Hotwire customers are encouraged to check rates for

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