Travelocity Loyalty Program Approaches 120,000 Members


, the first and only travel site to introduce a loyalty program, “Travelocity Preferred,” that rewards members for frequent use with a full package of travel benefits, today announced the introduction of “Travelocity Preferred Hotel Perks.”
Hotel Perks offers room upgrades and complimentary daily breakfast to Travelocity Preferred members at select hotels in popular destinations around the world.

The addition of Travelocity Preferred Hotel Perks coincides with another major milestone for the Travelocity Preferred program; launched in April 2001, the program is approaching 120,000 members.

“We are very pleased with the evolution of our Travelocity Preferred program. In today`s competitive landscape, it`s an ongoing challenge to generate loyal relationships with consumers, particularly in the online environment,” said Liz Lowe, director of the Travelocity Preferred Program. “We`ve found that our reward programs have been successful in increasing loyalty among our top customers—Travelocity Preferred members book significantly more with us following program enrollment. It is an ongoing goal to add innovative benefits that work well for both our members and our partners in the travel industry.”

To qualify for free membership in the Travelocity Preferred Program, a member must make five or more bookings in a 12-month period. To gain “Preferred Elite” status, 10 bookings must be made within a year. For those members who do not have enough bookings within the timeframe to qualify, memberships to the Travelocity Preferred or Preferred Elite program can be purchased for $29 or $79, respectively. Valuable travel benefits and services are offered in the program such as discounts on car rentals, access to airline club lounges at airports across the world, access to a personal concierge service and much more.


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