Amadeus Offers Agents Productivity Savings

Accessing the Amadeus

Central System via the Internet is
now even easier with the launch of Amadeus` Pro Web Version 2.0. 

Offering significant improvements over Pro Web - which is already one of the
most popular, cost effective and user-friendly ways of accessing the Amadeus
Central System via the Internet - Pro Web 2.0 is now available in the UK. 

Key benefits of Pro Web 2.0 include:

* Improved productivity

o New self-programmable `Smart Keys` allow users to reduce complex or
frequently used commands to a single key which reduces the risk of human
error and can speed up an agents workflow significantly

o Customisable toolbar enabling users to place automated entry buttons
in the order which best suits their unique workflow

o Agents are able to view two different displays, for example,
availability and fares during the same session through `split window`

* Reduced costs

o Access via the internet means that agents can access Pro Web 2.0
remotely and that agencies do not need to pay for leased lines

o No lengthy lead times or technical resource issues as the updates
are automatically downloaded to agents` computers

o Uses customer owned hardware with no additional machinery required
for paper print functions

* 24 hour online help facilities

o Amadeus help is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
saving agents time and effort

In addition to the above benefits, unlike some competitors` tools, Amadeus
Pro Web 2.0 is not limited to smaller agencies and can be used on networked
PCs.  This makes Pro Web 2.0 an ideal tool for both large and small agencies
as well as home workers and those who need out-of-office GDS access via the


John Lawrence, Director of Deeping Travel said, “As a pilot site for the
original Pro Web we have always been delighted with the product. But Pro Web
2.0 is even better. The speed has increased dramatically, and the extra
functionality has enabled us to increase our sales productivity.”

Similarly, Stanko Hoffman, General Manager Bond Tours said, “The new
functionality in Pro Web 2.0 offers practical benefits. On a day-to-day
basis, the addition of Smart Keys has definitely speeded up the creation of
PNR`s and is a real winner with staff.”

Commenting on these latest enhancements Peter Cacioppo, Director of Sales
for Amadeus UK, said,  “This latest development illustrates Amadeus`
commitment to listening to the needs of our customers and developing
solutions that exceed their needs.  We plan to migrate existing Pro Web
users to version 2.0 between November and March 2003.  By further improving
Pro Web, we hope to demonstrate the partnership approach we take to working
with smaller agencies, home and remote users which are a group whose needs
are often ignored by other GDS`”.

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