Vision 2000 Launches Fares Search Solution

New software developed in Canada by a Canadian company has given Vision 2000 Travel Group

a powerful new tool that has improved the efficiency of its agents and reduced time taken in searching a variety of data banks for airline fares.
“Finding the best fare was a time-consuming task for our agents,” says Brian Robertson, chief operating officer of Vision 2000 Travel Group Inc. “They would have to refer to the Global Distribution System for published fares, and then check the charter carriers and the consolidators. We wanted our agents to be more efficient so we determined that Montreal based, Softvoyage had state of the art technology that would allow us to design our own proprietary process enabling agents to make one search and cover all the various databases.”

“The new system, which we call Vision Check, enables the agents to make one primary search for an airfare, making a totally integrated sweep of all the databases in one package.”

The primary focus for Vision Check is the corporate client, said Robertson. “Our clients get faster and more efficient fare quotes with the quality assurance that all fares applicable for a particular trip are searched and the best fare found. Our agents are showing enhanced efficiency and productivity.”

Vision 2000 Travel Group has incorporated Vision Check into its new Total Option Pricing (TOP) feature, which provides corporate clients with a minimum of three fare quotes for every trip.


By incorporating technology powered by Softvoyage, we have developed our own proprietary online process, said Robertson. “It is an extraordinary tool for our agents and we see it as a value-added service for corporate clients who are frustrated with the fare structures created by the airlines. This is exactly the kind of product travel managers are looking for.”

There are other products on the market that permit agents to search the airline computers and websites but they are designed primarily for the U.S. market and they will only quote in US dollars, he said. There is nothing else, which will permit a consolidated search of the charter carrier fares and consolidators based in Canada.

“Vision Check is designed by Canadians for the Canadian travel marketplace.” Vision 2000 Travel Group plans to make Vision Check available to its corporate clients as an on-line search mechanism early in the New Year.

Vision 2000 Travel Group Inc. is the largest Canadian-owned travel management company in North America. Vision 2000 Travel Group is a leader in travel management solutions, providing a full range of business, incentive and leisure travel services. Business travel makes up over 75% of the company`s total volume. Vision 2000 Travel Group is a shareholder of RADIUS, the global travel company with over 6,000 offices worldwide.