High Speed Wireless Technology Comes To Wyboston Lakes

Wyboston Lakes

Conference and Training Centre have continued their investment programme with a radical upgrade of the audio visual and IT facilities.

The most recent installation is a Wireless LAN Network, which provides wireless Internet access for laptops in the reception areas, coffee lounges and in the main bar.  The new network is connected to the Internet via a 512k broadband style high speed Internet connection, which means that clients can browse the Internet at super-fast speeds using their own laptops, without having to plug into a wall socket. 

Charges are based on a 24hr period and provide unlimited access during that time. Even if the client has a laptop which isn’t configured for wireless use, they can still use this new service by hiring a wireless card from reception.  For those clients who already have a laptop with a wireless network card, they simply purchase a password.

A recent Customer Focus Group identified the need for a separate business unit away from the main Centre.  Wyboston immediately responded by installing a custom designed business area where computers and printers can be hired for office use and Internet access.


The Fairways Suite has also been upgraded and now offers a new PA system, audio equipment, data projectors, CD and DVD players.  For those clients with multi-sites or international offices, the video conferencing facilities have also proved a very attractive alternative method of conducting business using ISDN2x3 telephone lines. Also the Fairways has an extensive in built network system which will allow customers to link within rooms and also from room to room.

This will be used for computer training, standard telephone connection and for connection to ISDN2. The mini network can also be connected to our high speed internet connection allowing all the PC`s to access the internet. The use of “Broadband” will allow our clients to have a secure connection to their own network via VPN for downloading files and other sensitive information.

Business Development Manager Brian Payton said,  ‘technology is continually changing and we at Wyboston Lakes intend to be in the fore front of these changes, this will enable our clients to obtain the best IT and AV available, while still ensuring that our complete meeting package remains value for money`