Agentware and Jetblue Ink Web Fare Distribution


today that it and New York based JetBlue Airways have entered into an
agreement for AgentWare to distribute JetBlue web fares to AgentWare`s
travel agent customers via the AgentWare Travel Console. 

Caption: Les Ottolenghi, President and CEO of

Travel agents and consumers benefit by having access to the
inventory of one of the nations fastest growing and most popular airlines.
JetBlue benefits from the aggregation of qualified buyers using Travel
Console and the extremely low cost of distributing inventory via their
Internet site. 
“AgentWare has been successful in building a loyal user base
among travel agents throughout the United States, states Tim Claydon, VP of
Sales & Distribution for JetBlue.  “Working with AgentWare will allow us to
leverage the low-cost of distributing via a web site, while at the same time
getting our fares in front of a qualified group of buyers - it`s the best of
both worlds for us.”
“Our agreement with JetBlue is significant because AgentWare
will be providing yet another source of low-fares to our travel agent
customers and their clients,” states Les Ottolenghi, President and CEO of
AgentWare.  “Our customers have requested JetBlue fares since the inception
of Travel Console.  This agreement allows us to ensure that JetBlue
inventory is present and reliable for our travel agency and corporate

AgentWare`s Travel Console is the leading web fare search
product in the travel industry.  Travel agents using Travel Console can
search more than 27 web fare sites for fares that are unavailable in their
traditional systems.  Without the information resident on the Internet,
agents are at a disadvantage to their web savvy business and leisure
customers.  Travel Console equips travel agents to regain the information
advantage over consumers and to better differentiate their service from
other travel agents.


About JetBlue: JetBlue is a low-fare, low-cost passenger
airline which provides high-quality customer service. Since launching
operations in February 2000, the airline has served more than eight million
passengers. JetBlue operates a fleet of 31 new Airbus A320 aircraft and is
scheduled to place into service another five new A320s by the end of 2002.
All JetBlue aircraft are outfitted with roomy all-leather seats each
equipped with free live satellite television, offering up to 24 channels of
DIRECTV® programming at every seat.  With JetBlue, all seats are assigned,
all travel is ticketless, all fares are one-way, and a Saturday night stay
is never required.
About AgentWare: Based in Atlanta, GA, AgentWare is a
private software company that provides products and solutions to the travel
industry. AgentWare delivers unique applications by applying the patent
pending technology of the AgentWare Syndicator(tm) to travel industry
problems. The Travel Console(tm) demonstrates the composite application
capabilities of Syndicator(tm) technology by integrating HTML with XML and
Web services to deliver a comprehensive view of Internet based travel
information to travel retailers. For more information on AgentWare, visit


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