Trondent Introduces Initiative To Optimize Nonrefundables

Trondentå‘s pioneering role developing an e-ticket tracking solution years ago assumes even greater relevance today in light of the airlines new å“use it or lose itå” policy on nonrefundables.
By integrating the functionality of two popular Trondent products, eTRAK® and innovative AirWEB® document delivery services via the web, travelers will receive an email notification, 72 hours in advance of their nonrefundable flight alerting them to change their ticket if they will not be using it as booked. The new service called eTRAK Alert®, gives travelers the option to rebook the ticket as far out as possible, incurring a $100 change fee but salvaging the value of the nonrefundable ticket that would have become otherwise worthless, if unused. The system will also flag the travelers profile to indicate that an unused, nonrefundable e-ticket has been rebooked, for use at a future date.   

According to Trondent CEO, Dave Wood, “we believe that this is just the beginning of numerous airline initiatives to cut costs and/or generate more revenue and place the burden squarely on the traveler. eTRAK Alert® is one of many Trondent solutions to proactively manage these airline initiatives.”

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