Sabre Lands Agreement With Colombian Air Carriers for Commercial Integration

Holdings Corporation has announced the signing of an agreement with Avianca, Sam and Aces, the three Colombian airlines that constitute Alianza Summa. Under this agreement, Sabre will provide specific commercial and competitive technical assistance to help the carriers improve their operational efficiencies and increase their revenues.

“Alianza Summa represents the future of Colombian aviation,” said Nejib Ben-Khedher, managing partner of Sabre Consulting. “Sabre`s top team of airline experts will partner with specialists of Alianza Summa to help it have higher competitiveness and productivity levels. Our confidence in the successful outcome of this engagement drives our willingness to craft this risk/reward contract that wholly aligns Sabre`s interests with those of Alianza Summa.”

Sabre will provide the alliance with assistance in pricing and revenue management, flight scheduling, network planning, fleet planning, financial planning and control, sales, distribution, branding, loyalty and competitive positioning.

“We have among our ranks many decades of hands-on airline industry experience,” continued Ben-Khedher. “Coupling this experience with the backing of Sabre`s sophisticated technology tools, we believe that we can bring the hands-on solutions that Summa is seeking to create an excellent aviation alliance.”



Juan Emilio Posada, president of Alianza Summa, said that, “We want to have the first place in the airline industry and gain insight into our core performance thus creating positive memorable journey experiences and aeronautical services. We are going to make the changes needed to operate seamlessly, efficiently and profitably. Our agreement with Sabre Consulting is focused on helping us create and sustain that competitive edge.”

Sabre Consulting consists of airline experts acting worldwide to improve the business performance of the company`s airline clients. This experience ensures that every consultant understands the complexities of the airline business and can offer true, hands-on, tactical counsel rooted in results. Sabre Consulting currently works with more than 110 customers around the world.

Sabre Consulting is part of Sabre`s Airline Solutions business unit that is focused on providing an integrated end-to-end portfolio of product and services to improve airlines operations. Currently, over 200 airlines around the world use Sabre`s portfolio of software solutions for decision-support tools to streamline and simplify operations and improve revenues. More than 70 airlines worldwide use Sabre for their reservations systems, with 10 new carriers and four renewals signing in 2002.

“It is Sabre`s proven track record that attracted us to work with them,” Alianza Summa`s president continued. “It is their experience and industry knowledge that we count on to help us reach our goals.”