Pakistan International Airlines Implements Sabre Solution

Holdings Corporation has announced that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has signed an agreement to implement Sabre Aerodynamic Traveler passenger processing solutions to heighten customer service and reduce operational and resource costs at a number of its locations.
Under this agreement, PIA
builds upon the existing portfolio of Sabre technology solutions already in use at the airline to streamline operations and enhance revenues.

Sabre will deliver the new solutions via its eMergo Web-enabled and dedicated network solutions offering, providing PIA access to the modules through its applications service provider (ASP) model over an Internet or direct connection. This ASP model eliminates the airline`s need for costly and complicated in-house data center infrastructure and support and marks the first expansion of Sabre`s ASP delivery model into the airport environment.

Sabre`s Aerodynamic Traveler portfolio is a suite of passenger processing solutions designed to increase agent mobility, improve airport efficiency and maximize airline customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of service to passengers at the lowest possible cost. PIA will be implementing the Sabre Aerodynamic Traveler Gate Reader and Aerodynamic Traveler Roving Agent modules under the agreement.

The Gate Reader module reads documents and/or cards to verify passenger information, including flight information, date, flight origin, passenger name and seat number. The Roving Agent module supplements gate and check-in counter agents` stationary workstations by providing wireless access to the Sabre Passenger Reservation System currently in use at PIA. The Roving Agent system`s handheld units eliminate the need for a physical connection to a network cable, enabling agents to provide mobile relief to long lines of passengers and to proactively meet inconvenienced passengers during off- schedule operations.

“PIA has gained tremendous benefits from Sabre technologies,” said Khursheed Anwar, chief operating officer at PIA. “With the addition of the Gate Reader and Roving Agent modules, we will be able to speed up the overall passenger boarding process and provide greater efficiency for our agents in terms of time required for flight close-out functions and the ability to perform other duties. This type of automation is critical for PIA in our key international cities. Accessing these capabilities over the Web helps us better perform in today`s highly competitive airline industry.”


Specific benefits of this agreement include improved seat utilization with better inventory control and top quality check-in services for other airlines that use PIA for check-in services in Pakistan. In addition, travelers benefit from advance seat and meal selection and incorporation of frequent flyer programs.

Connecting to Sabre`s Airport Check-In System International (ACSI), already in use by PIA, the Gate Reader module will automate the flight boarding and closeout process at PIA`s London Heathrow, Manchester, JFK and Toronto locations. After verifying passenger information at the time of boarding, the system performs real-time reconciliation of flight lists and passenger data.

“Sabre is committed to delivering new technologies to airlines to support improvements in passenger satisfaction and help optimize staff utilizations at their airports,” said Steve Clampett
, president of Airline Products and Services for Sabre. “Technology that eases and streamlines passenger processing is becoming more and more important in today`s environment. Our goal is to provide the technology airlines need to make traveling as smooth as possible for the airlines` customers and thereby encourage customer loyalty.”

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