Hertz Upgrades to Galileo CarMaster Inside Availability

Galileo International, Inc.,
leading travel distribution services company, has announced that The Hertz
has upgraded to CarMaster Inside Availability, Galileo`s
highest level of connectivity. 
CarMaster Inside Availability gives car rental
companies dynamic control of where, when and how they make their inventory
available and, as a result, provides Galileo travel agency and corporate
subscribers with real-time access to rates and available inventory from the
car rental companies` own reservation systems.  Agents can be confident that
they are offering clients the most accurate and up-to-the-minute car rental
information for their travel needs.
is the first participant to use Inside Availability`s Approximate
Total feature that returns an approximate total of the car rental cost, all
taxes, surcharges and any additional charges, to agents viewing a single
company display on a CarMaster availability screen.  With Inside Availability,
Hertz now can instantly return customized responses to agent queries with
client-specific pricing, inventory, integrated into a neutral screen display
for the travel agent to view.  In addition, as one of the largest suppliers
for corporate rentals, Hertz` participation in Inside Availability provides
travel agency and corporate subscribers the ability to review corporations`
negotiated rates prior to the sale.
“Like Galileo, we seek ways to add value through technology, innovation
and service.  We want to make it as easy and convenient as possible for the
customer to book with Hertz,” said Brian Kennedy, Hertz EVP of Marketing and
Sales.  “Galileo is a very important channel for Hertz and we believe it is
essential that we have their highest level of connectivity.  With CarMaster
Inside Availability, we can deliver our most advanced and comprehensive
information and reservation data available, enabling travel agents to provide
faster and more reliable customer service and providing customers with
competitive, up-to-the-minute rates and availability, leading to increased
agent and customer confidence.”
“With the addition of Hertz, approximately three-fourths of car rental
bookings will be made with Inside Availability suppliers,” said Flo Lugli
Galileo SVP, Global Supplier Business Development.  “Inside Availability
allows Hertz to deliver specialized rates and inventory to a targeted customer
base, thereby improving revenue management and enhancing inventory control.
The enhanced connectivity allows one-to-one marketing on a global scale and
provides benefits such as enhanced rule display and additional content display
that are essential to the consumer in today`s marketplace.”

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