Former Technology Consultant Joins Comtec

David Parnell, technology consultant and former AT&T and ISTEL employee, is to join Comtec Europe
as product manager.
Parnell`s role is to steer the development of new and existing products to answer markets needs for productivity-enhancing solutions that incorporate pricing, availability and content.

He will also be responsible for the monitoring of European and worldwide prospective markets, ensuring Comtec delivers on its commitment to expand into Europe. Parnell will manage Comtec`s product range including TravelCat, the UK`s leading agency management system with over 9000 agency PCs connected, and EasySell, the industry`s leading multi-operator search and booking solution.

Said Comtec`s CEO Simon Powell: “We are delighted to have David Parnell aboard. He brings with him a broad knowledge of the travel technology marketplace and a deep understanding our customers` needs. We look forward to channelling his energy and knowledge to help our agencies become even more productive, and help Comtec grow internally.”


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