is the 6th Most Visited Travel Website, the largest specialized provider of discount lodging worldwide, has announced that was the 6th most visited travel website for the week ended September 1, 2002, according to Nielson/Netratings.

In addition,
has recently accounted for as much as 25% of the Company’s total daily bookings.


“The performance of since its March 2002 launch has been exceptional,” said Bob Diener
, president of  “To see this kind of traction in less than six months is well beyond our original expectations for the site. We are looking forward to our next step, which is offering our affiliates the new technology platform in the near future.”
Diener added, “Additionally, our advertising campaign has been very effective in both driving customers to our site,, as well as to our call centers via 1-800-2-HOTELS. Customers are clearly embracing the site and have come to realize they will get the best prices at the best places when booking accommodations through”

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