Rosenbluth Introduces SmartTicket for Non-Refundable Fares

In response to recent changes in fare and fare rules imposed by the airlines - and in anticipation of future changes to come, as the airline community wrestles with its distribution model -
Rosenbluth International
has announced the release of SmartTicket. 

SmartTicket is a fully automated service that will review all user PNRs housed in Rosenbluth`s comprehensive data warehouse and send alerts to travelers advising them of conditions that may impact reservations they have made, such as impending non-refundable ticket expiration.  Designed to address both today`s fare issues as well as future conditions, SmartTicket provides Rosenbluth clients greater visibility into the effects of non-refundable ticket commitments and fare changes on their overall travel program, and enables them to act more efficiently as a result.

SmartTicket works off of existing Rosenbluth technology, utilizing the capabilities of the company`s Global Data Warehouse and powerful mid-office technology, ResMonitorSuite. Because of this, development of the offering has been accelerated - the service will be available to Rosenbluth clients in the beginning of October. SmartTicket requires very little implementation time and is highly flexible, allowing for quick updates in response to new fare conditions that may arise at any time in today`s unpredictable fare environment.  In addition, along with ResMonitorSuite, SmartTicket enables Rosenbluth associates to leverage non-refundable ticket information as a seamless element of the Company`s overall customer relationship management solution. 

Believing that the non-refundable ticket policy change is the first of many conditions likely to be implemented by the airlines, Rosenbluth`s Chief Information Officer John Dabek said, “Rosenbluth International`s SmartTicket solution is designed to enable us to proactively address changes in airline fare and fare rule policies, both today and in the future.  This allows Rosenbluth to quickly adapt and inform the traveler community of the impact these changes will have on their particular trips and overall travel programs.”

SmartTicket is fully automated and, like many other Rosenbluth solutions, makes full use of Rosenbluth`s robust data warehouse.  SmartTicket is also integrated with Rosenbluth`s existing e-ticket tracking and ticket bank solutions.  The solution is invoked immediately upon the ticketing of a transaction, and applies to all transactions, whether electronically or telephonically booked. 
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