IATAN adopts special rules, procedures and fees for travel agencies designated as

Garden City, New York . . . The International Airlines Travel Agent Network, (IATAN), announced today that it will extend its Endorsement, Personnel Registration and Travel Agent ID Card programs to ARC accredited Corporate Travel Departments, (CTD’s) effective immediately. This category of accredited locations was adopted by ARC on a trial basis during 1998 and became a permanent category effective January 1, 1999. A CTD is defined as an in-house travel agency of a corporation, that purchases air transportation and related travel services primarily on behalf of its own employees and owners. These agencies hold airline ticket stock but are generally not open to the public.

In making the announcement, IATAN President and CEO Mike Maino, CTC stated that “IATAN’s Board, and its Management, decided to hold off extending its Endorsement, Registration and ID Card Programs to CTD’s until such time as we could ensure that the programs could be offered to the new category without jeopardizing the integrity of the programs and until such time as there was a significant number of entities in this new category.” He further noted that “while the number of accredited CTD’s is still small, it has now grown to 35, with another 30 in the ARC accreditation pipeline. We have also had substantial dialogue with representatives of the CTD community over the past year and have developed a unique set of rules, procedures and fees that will apply to this new category. We are now comfortable, that with these amended rules and procedures, we can properly manage the program and ensure the same level of control and integrity for the CTD Agency category that exists for the Full Service Agency and Travel Service Intermediary (TSI) Agency categories.”

The primary differences between the programs for CTD’s and other categories of Travel Agencies are as follows:

Only full time employees who dedicate 100% of their time to the CTD are eligible for registration with IATAN; persons designated as part-time or independent contractors are not eligible.
CTD personnel are not eligible for registration until they have served one year of service in the industry with a full service agency, a TSI Agency, or a CTD.
For each person registered by a CTD, a notarized affidavit must be submitted certifying that the individual meets all of the requirements of the program. It must be signed by the individual, the CTD agency manager and an officer of the Corporation.

Because of the additional work involved in administering the programs for the CTD category of travel agencies, there are additional fees. The initial application and listing fee is set at $360, compared to $240 for a full service travel agency. The recurring annual service fee will be $125, compared to $65 for full service agencies and ID cards will be $30 instead of $15.