WorldTravel BTI Helps Companies Save Money

Last week, airlines announced updated policies restricting passengers from exchanging non-refundable tickets after the date of travel.  The new “use it or lose it” policies mean substantial losses for business travelers who often must miss and/or rebook flights at a moment’s notice.

In an effort to help clients proactively manage non-refundable tickets, WorldTravel BTI
today announced a new service called Non-Refundable Tracker? that notifies affected travelers three business days in advance of their trip.  With a reminder of restricted ticket status, travelers will be able to review their schedules and determine whether they need to adjust flight plans prior to travel.

“The sheer volume of airline policy changes in the past few weeks has left many travelers confused,” said Danny Hood, president, WorldTravel BTI.  “While travelers adjust to this new policy, they need to be reminded when they are holding a non-refundable ticket and informed of the airline policies that will impact their travel.  With three business days’ notice, the traveler will have time to rebook, if necessary and change their schedules without having to purchase an additional ticket.”

WorldTravel has developed an automated process which queries its proprietary database for non-refundable tickets.  When a non-refundable ticket is identified, an email is automatically sent to the traveler noting the ticket status and advising the traveler to take the necessary action, if needed. 

Non-Refundable Tracker will be available at the end of October as a standalone service and as a module to WorldTravel’s PeopleTracker? service, a pre-trip reporting and crisis management tool.  Pricing will be negotiated on a per client basis and will take into consideration the number of GDS hits.


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