Northwest Airlines Introduces New Customer Technology at MBS

Checking in for Northwest Airlines flights is easier than ever with the introduction of Northwest Airlines’ E-Service Centers at MBS International Airport. Today, Northwest unveiled two of its popular E-Service kiosks which allow passengers to obtain seat assignments, receive boarding passes, and take advantage of many other services previously available only at Northwest Airlines’ service counters. Northwest is the first major network carrier to introduce this technology at MBS.

“E-Service Centers provide a fast and convenient check-in service that allows Northwest passengers to bust through ticket counter lines and be on their way to the gate in as little as 30 seconds,” said Bruce Koski, Northwest’s manager of customer service at MBS.

On day of travel, E-Service Centers at MBS can be used within six hours of flight departure to:

Check luggage
Check-in and obtain a boarding pass in as little as 30 seconds
Change or confirm seat assignments
Enter or change a WorldPerks number on a reservation
Obtain WorldPerks Elite upgrades
Purchase an upgrade to First Class on available flights with Northwest E-First

Northwest is a leader in airport self-service check-in technology - having logged over two million E-Service Center check-ins during 1999 alone. This year, Northwest will increase the number of airports offering E-Service Center kiosks from 20 to 35 by June, just in time for the busy summer travel season. During that same time, the airline will more than double the total number of machines in use - from 114 to 240.


“We are pleased to offer our customers the convenience of self-service with E-Service Centers,” said Koski. “Continuing to enhance the capabilities of our self-service devices makes the customer experience easier and more enjoyable, and that’s our main objective.”