Baseops and iJET Partnership Announced

Baseops International
, a leading flight support services company specializing in servicing
corporate and commercial aircraft throughout the world, and iJET Travel

, the leading travel risk management company, announced today
that Baseops clients will now have access to continuously updated travel
intelligence for 180 countries and more than 230 cities.
This intelligence
includes 24X7 real-time advisories, a country overview and detailed
information across 3 categories: entry/exit requirements, security and
health. Prior to a scheduled flight, all of this information is delivered to
the client electronically in a customized Baseops Country Intelligence

“This is a significant enhancement to the value provided by Baseops when you
are doing your pre-flight planning.  This intelligence, updated around the
clock, helps ensure that our clients have a safe, healthy and productive
trip by better enabling them to avoid and manage possible travel
disruptions,” says Jerry Scott, Baseops Executive Vice President.

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