Utell Increases Presence in Asia-Pacific Region

HPL Hotels & Resorts
(HPLHR), a Singapore-based hospitality management company and a wholly
owned subsidiary of main-board listed Hotel Properties Limited
joined Utell Ltd., the world`s largest hotel representation company,
to take advantage of Utell`s
leading reservations management and
distribution technology. 
is providing a package of reservation services to HPL, including
immediate access to Utell`s worldwide distribution channels, revenue
and yield management tools, training services and account management
teams.  Utell provides member hotels with international representation
in 41 countries through a global network of reservation offices and
call centers, any of which can now take telephone reservations on
behalf of HPL Hotels.  For daily inventory management, HPL now has
access to Utell`s centrally hosted Unison reservation system.  In
addition, Utell`s sales force will promote HPL properties to corporate
and leisure travel agencies at industry trade shows and events. 

As a result of the agreement, the following seven hotels switched from
Lexington Services representation to Utell:

* Australia - Concorde Hotel Gold Coast - 199 rooms and suites

* Malaysia - Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur - 570 rooms and suites

* Malaysia - Concorde Hotel Shah Alam - 381 rooms and suites


* Malaysia - Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur International Airport -
423 rooms and suites

* Malaysia - The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands - 18 suites

* Malaysia - Casa del Mar Resort, Langkawi - 29 rooms and suites

* Singapore - Concorde Hotel - 515 rooms and suites

With the addition of the HPL properties, Utell now represents more
than 100 hotels combined in the countries of Australia (40), Malaysia
(30) and Singapore (34).  Utell represents more than 5,000 properties
worldwide, including more resort and luxury hotels than any other
representation firm.

Utell`s enhancements to its member services, including free usage of
Lanyon`s automated request for proposal (RFP) services, played a role
in HPL`s decision to switch representation firms.  “Utell delivers
instant global connectivity through its extensive network, as well as
access to technology without the need to maintain costly on-site
systems,” said Edmund Nicholas, vice president of marketing for HPLHR.
“Utell`s performance improvement programmes include value-added
services such as personalized consultation, training on revenue
maximization opportunities, and techniques with distribution channels.
And the recent addition of Lanyon`s automated RFP services underscores
Utell`s commitment to provide us with the technology to effectively
pursue new businesses.”

Lanyon`s technology enables Utell hotel members to submit responses to
corporate and travel agency RFP bids online.  Lanyon`s Web-based
PropertyVault(TM) and RFPpublisher(TM) applications allow hotel
members to easily update descriptions and rates, eliminating redundant
data entry and costly manual processing.  The speed and concise nature
of the system helps raise the profile of member hotels by delivering
prompt responses to global and regional corporate bids.

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