AA Co-Sponsors Round 4 Comparative Biometric Testing

International Biometric Group (IBG) has started Round Four of its Comparative Biometric Testing, the industry`s most extensive scenario-based testing of biometric systems.

Since 1998, IBG`s independent testing has generated detailed false match, false non-match, and failure to enroll rates for leading biometric systems, including finger-scan, facial-scan, iris-scan, voice-scan, signature-scan and hand-scan technologies. The real-world performance findings from IBG`s Comparative Biometric Testing are critical to public and private sector institutions deploying biometric technology for employee, customer, or citizen authentication. Ensuring that biometric systems will operate effectively with a varied user population—as well as over an extended period of time—is a necessity for large-scale biometric deployments.

Sponsored by leading IT, airline, and financial services firms, IBG`s Comparative Biometric Testing emulates real-world operational conditions as closely as possible to provide applicable information on how well biometric technologies will perform in the field. IBG testing utilizes commercially available systems, normalizing enrollment and verification effort levels across technologies to ensure that test results can be compared across competing systems. IBG`s Comparative Biometric Testing also collects extensive “user perception” data as well as user perceptions of the usability, security, privacy and invasiveness of different biometric systems.