to Release TeleManager Fusion
announced an October 1, 2002 release date for its new TeleManager Fuse software. TeleManager Fusion significantly expands the capabilities of the company`s renowned TeleManager Programs.

The expanded capabilities created by TeleManager Fusion? include:

á The ability to simultaneously monitor both serial and TCP/IP interfaces.

á Expanded revenue center and PMS interface failure alarming.

á Trunk group and individual T-1 circuit monitoring and alarming.

á Expanded system-monitoring capability. (High Speed Internet, In Room Movies and Entertainment, other Point of Sale to PMS Applications.)


According to Executive Vice President, Bill Wharton, the development of TeleManager Fusion is an important step forward for the company and its management programs. “TeleManager Fusion”, says Wharton, “allows us to further enhance our telecommunications management programs and to expand our programs to encompass other revenue centers utilizing either serial or TCP/IP communications protocols. Both of these advancements allow us to create more value for our clients.”