Hyatt International announces’plug and play’ technology in guestrooms

In a continued effort to exceed the needs of business travelers, Hyatt International Corporation announced that I-Quest Corporation will install Worldroom Connect, I-Quest’s broadband Internet service, in guestrooms in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America by May 2001.

Allowing for a truly interactive environment, guests will enjoy “plug and play” access to their laptop computers through Worldroom Connect’s Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) without having to reconfigure their systems. Guests can access Internet e-mail accounts, be they ISP or POP or Web-based, from any computer, as well as their firewall-protected networks or intranets that do not reside on the open Internet. Cyber concierges will be available to provide up-to-the-minute news, financial information, local city guides, flight booking and currency conversion. In addition, Web-based virtual briefcases will allow retrieval of files from any Internet-connected computer during their stay, and guests will be “plugged-in” to a network printer in the hotel’s business centre from their guestroom. Meetings and conferences will also become more interactive giving participants real-time data sharing capabilities through the creation of secure personal intranets accessible only by guests in designated guestrooms and/or meeting rooms.

One of the advantages of Worldroom Connect is that it does not require any additional cabling; rather, the product relies on existing telephone wires. “This ensures a quick roll-out to all of our properties with no disruption to our guests or hotel operations,” commented Gebhard Rainer, vice president - hotel finance/systems, Hyatt International Corporation.

“Plug & Play” Technology
Worldroom Connect is an advanced workstation with a customised user-friendly interface designed for business on the road. A business traveler can simply and securely access the Internet with an “always on” connection at speeds up to 100 times faster than a dial-up modem. If you have a network (Local Area Network) card, simply “plug” your RJ-45 ethernet cable into the Worldroom Connect deskport. Login and launch your Internet browser, and “play”. A one-time charge as low as US$10.00, depending on location, for a 24-hour period allows a guest to “plug & play” as many times as they want after the initial hook-up without additional fees or charges for each subsequent dial-in.

As an added benefit, Worldroom Connect features customized hotel web pages that offer information on hotel amenities, business services, restaurants, special online conference services, local attractions, transportation and shopping.


Installation commenced in Hyatt International hotels in May, beginning in Asia, and is scheduled for completion in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by May 2001.

There are 197 Hyatt Hotels and Resorts around the world. Hyatt International, through its subsidiaries, operates 58 hotels and 20 resorts in 36 countries, with an additional 23 hotels under development. Hyatt Corporation, a separate company, and its affiliates, operate, lease and franchise 119 hotels and resorts in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Reservations or information for any Hyatt Hotel worldwide can be obtained by calling toll?free in the United States and Canada, 1?800?233?1234, your local Hyatt Hotel or Worldwide Sales Office, or your travel planner.